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There are also huge, equally important changes happening below in the root zone that you cant see, where your plants are accelerating their production of roots so that they will be able to maximise nutrient uptake during the later most productive and demanding phase of the flowering cycle. The most important element in this phase of vigorous root growth is Phosphorus. So whilst a `Grow` nutrient ensures healthy and speedy above ground growth it hasn’t the necessary Phosphorus type and amount to maximise the below ground root growth essential for maximum flower production.

A perfect transitional nutrient profile

This is where Buddhas Tree Flower Burst excels. It provides your plants with the perfect transitional nutrient profile during this changing time so that your plants have access to everything they need to set flower as early as possible and fulfil their potential. We have formulated our Flower Burst as a real value for money concentrate just like our PK 9-18 but with an NPK of 0-10-8 by weight. It also has increased Boron to aid Calcium mobilisation, an element also essential for maximum root growth. This ratio allows growers to use a `Grow` base nutrient during early flowering by increasing the type and amount of Phosphorus that your root zone and plants need to ensure the earliest possible onset of flowers whilst keeping the other elements balanced.

Its good karma to be kind

There are some extremely high P products available to promote early flowering, however the levels of P and K used will be detrimental to other important growth processes that are happening. Buddhas Tree Flower Burst achieves this in a very kind way that will not overly stress your plants like other products. It has been made to conform to EU regulation and as everything else we do, is made with the highest standards of safety and quality.

In trials Buddhas Tree Flower Burst induced a much quicker and more robust flowering response than control specimens. Flowers were recorded 4-5 days earlier than control plants with an increased amount of larger flower clusters. As with all our products, Buddhas Tree don’t produce additives to make up numbers, we will only bring something to our growers that we know is an innovation and an improvement on anything currently available. You wont be disappointed…we guarantee it.

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